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We currently accept all purchases through Paypal and PayPal only, since PayPal is by far the safest Payment-Gateway to use, furthermore, the most used one.

About Us:

Lifeboxx is a Minecraft, Minehut launch Server where the goal is to mine and trade for the superior items available for everyone. Packages in this store make it possible for the individual player to gain a huge head start in progression.
Keys allow players to use in-game crates for instantaneous rewards.

Your purchases are the ones that allow us to maintain the server and keep it up for players like you!

Terms & Conditions:

Simple, you chose whatever you would like to purchase, where every dollar made makes a huge difference and helps our the server drastically. The purchases you make are all digital in-game recourses that either speed up your own progress, or makes you look "cooler" than everybody else, under the conditions that you are above the age of the Minecraft EULA. Our purchase options are always made sure they are legal and under Minecraft Terms & Conditions.

Fraudulent purchases will result in your account being permanently banned from the server. Please make sure you are above the age of 18 or ask permission from a parent/caregiver before purchasing a rank or package.

Always keep a copy of your transactions, In case of a server reset we will only be giving ranks back to those with PayPal Receipts. (RANKS AND KIT PURCHASES ONLY)


For Customer Service join the Official Lifeboxx Discord Server or wait patiently for a staff to get on and we will support you furthermore in-game.

Lifeboxx discord server link - https://discord.gg/ETCbnsdRP

Disclaimer: Please note that your payments are always final and won't get refunded, make your purchase wisely.




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